Jul 15, 2010

Are You Training Your Church In Evangelism?

Over the past 6 weeks I have had the honor of taking many seminars on evangelism. The heart of the matter has been to train and equip the average church attender to be more passionate and more effective in their personal evangelism. The number one comment from people who have attended has been, "effective evangelism is now quite achievable for me! I have never received any training like this before!".

Needless to say that I have been quite encouraged yet perplexed about the comment. Don't we train our people to evangelise?
Don't we plan training and equipping into our overall yearly church planners? Well, not as often as I had hoped, after hearing the feedback from church attenders.

Here's a couple of key questions for you and your church:
1. What has my church done in the past to train people for effective evangelism?
2. When was the last time my church did some training?
3. What could be done in the future to do some evangelistic training?
4. Who in my church could do this training for us?
5. Is their a group in your church that could form an evangelistic team/committee that could keep this area of ministry alive and well?
6. What books, DVD's, etc exist that we could utilise in our future training?

Well, I do hope that you and your church can be more pro-active in training and equipping people to evangelise.