Jan 19, 2011

The Big Story Diagram - A New Presentation of the Gospel

As mentioned previously, I thoroughly enjoyed my Evangelism studies at Fuller Theological Seminary. For years people have been taught the 'bridge illustration''bridge illustration' with teaching on how to present this to those who do not know Christ. These diagrams are very helpful and still useful today however, James Choung has also put together a diagram that I am finding helpful with people. It addresses the larger issues of global restoration.

James calls his presentation: The Big Story Diagram.
The diagram here shows his presentation or you can watch it on youtube. Be sure to watch all parts not only part one.

He says that, "A new Gospel presentation is needed. Our most popular Gospel summaries may have been effective in the past, but these days they often
communicate only a small part of Jesus’ central message. And
unfortunately, it’s often a message that feels increasingly irrelevant and
arbitrary in today’s culture. In particular, the Bridge Diagram has been dominant. As a visual icon, it’s not only easy to share but it also shapes our understanding of the Gospel
itself. So, the Big Story diagram hopes to be, as Einstein put it, “simple as
possible, but not simpler.” It’s a visual way to present a more holistic
picture of our faith’s central message, and hopefully may inform the way
we Christians think about the Gospel itself as well.

This diagram addresses three movements to present Jesus’ compelling
message more fully and relevantly. The items on the left aren’t wrong, but
they need to be balanced with the values on the right.
• Decision Transformation
• Individual Communal
• After-life Mission-life".

Click here to download the training document on this diagram.

James has a wonderful blog site that you can also check out. Click Here.

My word of advice: there is no need to throw out the diagrams that we are already using, this is simply one more that I feel we could add to our toolbox. Different diagrams for different people and age groups is my approach.

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