Jan 3, 2011

So Wide not so Narrow

In late October I was fortunate enough to be taking a Doctorate class at Fuller Theological Seminary in the USA on evangelism. Professor Richard Peace was the teacher for the two week class. Over the next few months I thought I would write a little on some of the key things I heard over this time. Sorry for the delay on writing, presently life has been very busy and as a family we are expecting our second child soon:)
My first thought is simple: the field of evangelism is very wide and not narrow at all. All to often we can lock into one way of doing things or form opinions that there is only one or two ways to go about evangelism in our personal lives and in our churches. As Professor Peace kept talking each day on evangelism, I was reminded of just how very large this whole topic is.

So my challenging questions for us all are these:
Q. Is my mind open to learn and experience new ways of evangelism this year?
Q. What new books on evangelism could I read?
Q. How does our own personal experience of evangelism help and hinder us?
Q. What new ways have you heard of that you could implement?

Well, happy thinking and practicing on this topic.