Mar 7, 2011

STOP Being Derogatory of Catholics!

A timely reminder this week. I met up with a friend of mine that I had been very close with in high school. She is an amazing, wonderful lady with a catholic background. We chatted for hours and as we did I became so appreciative of not just my own faith tradition but also the Catholic faith tradition. My friend had so many wonderful experiences and deposits of God in her life from her background. God was so clearly speaking with her and revealing Himself in so many ways.

UNFORTUNATELY she had attended a church that was more contemporary and the pastor had made a derogatory comment about Catholics that has had a negative affect on her life and clearly given her a bad perception of this type of church!

FORTUNATELY God Himself is loving on her and speaking with her despite this one silly comment from a follower who clearly thinks that his way of church is the only way and that God is only found in the contemporary denominations.

People, we are bigger than this are we not?

God is speaking and drawing people to Himself in ways that are a lot bigger than our own personal experiences and bias. Lets be bigger thinking people when it comes to God revealing Himself to humanity.

Hold off on the derogatory comments!!