Apr 12, 2011

Reaching Out To Generation Y

Generation Y (Millenials): Born between 1984-2002 (in 2010, 8-26 years old) (18% of the Australian Population )

This generation is the Internet generation. They are more than coherent in using the Internet and by communicating via email and SMS (short message service). Technology has seen the development of the DVD (1995), Play Station and the X-Box. Pop culture has experienced body piercing, the wearing of baseball caps and mens cosmetics. Entertainment has viewed the Titanic and Reality TV has boomed. In Australia there was the Thredbo disaster in 1997, in the USA the Columbine shootings (1999) and in Bali the devastating bombings (2002). The year 2000 saw the incoming of a new Millenium. This generation is influenced most by their own experience and their peers. They are multi-sensory learners that learn best when they participate, can engage their emotions and hear stories. A café style with music is best suited to their learning environment. Friends are a major influence to this generation who has no brand loyalty and is credit dependant. Consensus and collaboration is the best experience of leadership to offer these peoples . In Australia the Prime minister of the time was John Howard. Key to reaching this generation is the understanding that they want ownership and individuality not achievement. Hands-on learning is crucial; interactive learning that is multi-modal is pertinent. Leadership that allows involvement and inclusiveness is best in reaching this generation .

Evangelism that utilizes the Internet is key when reaching this generation. Training Christians to reach their friends individually is crucial to reaching this demographic. Offering spiritual experiences to people is a successful way to minister the Gospel. Looking for ways for non-Christians to experience or become involved in spiritual things is a very positive approach to outreach.

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