Jun 27, 2011

Alpha Weekend Away

Well just completed my first weekend away with the Alpha course at CityLife Church. Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! The weekend is designed for participants in roughly the middle of the course. The weekend is designed so that people can hear about the Holy Spirit and experience the Holy Spirit. Before the weekend, the Alpha team were telling me just how very important the weekend is and how it really needs to be made a big fuss over, I listened but did not realize just how important it was until I had experienced it for myself.

Nicky Gumble presents talks on the Holy Spirit and invites people to experience the Holy Spirit, this was done as the Alpha team at CityLife made 2 specific ministry times where the participants were invited to come and receive prayer - this was amazing! Nicky present his talks in such a great way, he has a wonderful ability to teach and people became very interested in the Holy Spirit as he spoke via DVD.

Everyone on our weekend away received prayer and everyone experienced the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit in a variety of ways. The weekend is key, people can listen to a number of messages on one topic and they can take time to discuss, digest and then seek the Holy Spirit over the space of the weekend.

All people, from the very new believers to the more experienced and then those still exploring Christianity loved the weekend away. People did life together! They ate, discussed, laughed, cried and grew in their understanding of the Holy Spirit. This I believe is very hard to do unless people go away with each other.

I'm with you team!!! The weekend away is a must.Loved it.