Nov 5, 2011

Transformissional Coaching - Book Review

Today is the launch of my new blog interface, I trust you enjoy the look, feel and functionality:)

Recently I took a Doctorate class on coaching with Novo Coaching as part of my Fuller DMIN course. The week long subject was fantastic and I got to spend the week with a girlfriend that was also taking the class (coffee, tea, coffee, tea, yummy food, laugh, laugh, laugh....LOL). As part of the course I had to read many books on coaching - I read these with the intent on trying to understand how we can use the coaching tool to train and equip others in evangelism and even to use the coaching tool as a way to do evangelism. The next few blogs I thought I would put up a few book reviews of some of what I read and then finally at the end I will write a small blog on how we can apply this to the area of evangelism.

Enjoy this first review, it was one of my favorite reads, grab a copy if you can. TransforMissional Coaching is a timely text for the day and age we presently find ourselves living. This text is a call to empower and equip other leaders in their life and ministry context through the art of coaching. The coaching model is used as it is relational, incarnational, practical and holistic, all major tenets of the missional values that many churches and organisations are adopting to reach society now. Ogne and Roehl concentrate not only on the spiritual transformation of people as they follow Christ but also on the ministry context of individuals as they seek to be a part of the great commission. This missional and formational focus bought forward through the skill of coaching distinguishes this text from many others. After an initial discussion of the main ideas of the text, the writers go on to give some very practical advice on how a coach goes about coaching another with the two main focuses on transformation and mission.

 Roehl, Steve Ogne and Tim. Transformissional Coaching: Empowering Leaders in a Changing Ministry World. Nashville: B & H Publishing Group, 2008.