Dec 1, 2011

Coaching for Performance in Evangelism

As I was saying in my last entry, I have recently taken a DMIN subject on Coaching. I've been working through the content in relation to evangelism. How can we coach those we lead that are doing evangelism and how can we use coaching so that others can discover Christ - good questions to ask ourselves. The following is a summary of another great book I read. Enjoy.

Coaching for Performance is a wonderful text on the skill of coaching and how it can enhance the performance of individuals and teams. Coaching is broadly defined as the ability to help others learn rather than simply telling or teaching them. The coach or manager needs to be relational and not autocratic with those they are leading. Coaching involves the coach being tooled with the right questions, questions that allow the coachee the opportunity for awareness and responsibility in their given situation. The concept of awareness and responsibility being created carries strongly throughout the text and is vital even in the area of feedback. For people to realise their potential feedback must be experienced, however this feedback needs to materialise through good questioning that again allows the one being coached to become aware and responsible in the situation. Whitmore in this insightful book on coaching employs the GROW model when coaching others. The text is full of wonderful stories of both business and sports performance being enhanced by the concept of coaching.
For me the concept of awareness and responsibility was the big revelation in this text. I had become too familiar with the GROW model without the clear direction of creating awareness and responsibility in others. Keeping this concept in my mind will help me think of better questions to ask people as we journey through the GROW model in coaching sessions. A timely reminder of the importance that people will not reach their ultimate potential unless they come to their won personal awareness in any given situation and then act responsibly to move forward in the situation. I loved this book, simply yet very clarifying.

Whitmore, John. Coaching for Performance. London: Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2009. Reprint, Fourth Edition.