Apr 24, 2012

Internet Evangelism Day April 29th 2012

Today is a special blog on Internet Evangelism Day.
Tony is doing an outstanding job with this, this is copy of a recent update from him.
Let's reach out into every sphere.......Blessings, Tina

"With the worldwide Internet Evangelism Day on this coming Sunday (29 April), may I briefly update you on news.

There will be 10+ normally pay-for ebooks as free downloads on that day (plus an evangelistic iPhone app). These are some great titles, all which broadly relate to digital evangelism or popular culture:

New pages on the site:

We hope that many churches and other groups will mark Internet Evangelism Day in some way. At a minimum, this could be a verbal or service-sheet printed announcement: 

Focus spot
However, a 5-minute focus spot during meetings is much better at enabling people to get a real sense of the opportunities open to them to share the good news of Jesus, especially by using social media. A short video is available for projection, and it would also be easy to demonstrate live online (by projector) how to post an outreach video clip from eg YesHEIs.com directly into a Facebook page. Seeing it happen makes it real! Here are 14 suggestions:

A focus spot is also a great way to honor any in your fellowship who are already involved in some form of digital ministry, and perhaps consider ways to use them in a team, or appoint someone as a 'digital advocate' to resource the rest of the church.

Phone apps
We also recommend two exciting new evangelism smartphone apps for IE Day:
Talking About Jesus (to share with friends): 

God's GPS - web-based app in 40+ languages helps you understand ways to engage conversationally with people: 

The new version of Mobile Advance's video about the strategic opportunities for mobile phones in the Majority World will also be released on IE Day.

Thank you to everyone who has shared news of Internet Evangelism Day already. This week is a strategic time to repeat it and give IE Day some final momentum - please would you consider doing these right now:
Tweeting about it: http://bit.ly/GE8DCT
Facebooking about it: http://on.fb.me/GG0iSz
Blogging about it (or any other sort of newsletter mention) - you can use or adapt as a guest blog post some or all of the material at http://ieday.net/blog/archives/7624
Forwarding this email to your church or mission leadership team, college faculty, or anyone else who might be interested.

Blessings to you"

Tony Whittaker
Internet Evangelism Day coordinator