Sep 2, 2016

Blogging After a Two-Year Break

Well I thought I'd get back to blogging after a 2 year break. Where have I been and what have I been up to? For seven years I was slowly working away at my Doctorate. I finally graduated mid 2015 in Pasadena, California. My study was through Fuller Theological Seminary.  I ended up iting my final paper on outreach, surprise surprise! The final two years of the doctoral program was pretty tough going, this was due to the fact that I was continuing to minister at my amazing church, do some lecturing here and there, help out in the family business and raise my young family. In hindsight, something should have given in the process, in fact I nearly did on several occasions. True to my track record, I just kept trucking on, or trying to truck on so to speak. It was not pretty at times but then again, you don't ever achieve something great without a huge effort of time and personal cost. We all make our decisions on what we give our time to and what we deem as important at the time.

I handed the paper in early 2015 and was approved shortly after. The relief, the sheer joy and overwhelming sense of freedom was beyond memorable. I remember my family saying things like, "We have you back on Saturdays now mum" and "Boy, you are so relaxed now". It is true to say that I certainly did change once that final paper was submitted and eventually approved.

Life post-doctorate is a unique experience. Being able to sit down on the weekends and during the week to watch a television program is quite strange.My husband felt like I'd taken over the television, something he had to himself for the past 7 years! Strange little things like that became apparent, I realized how tight my time had become and how exhausted I was. As I look back, I wonder how on earth I completed this huge task, and am reminded of a saying I heard many years ago, the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time! How true this is. When tackling big assignments, completing one small part at a time is the only way forward.

So, the elephant has been eaten and it has taken me more than one year after the eating to start to feeling energized and motivated to sit at my computer again. So, I'm back and thought I'd start blogging again. I'll fill you in on more of my life in my next blog.

Until then...