Mar 21, 2019

One Size Does Not Fit All.

Recently I’ve had opportunity to reflect on the fact that “one size does not fit all!” I’m encouraging churches and organisations to consider this when they talk strategy around outreach in their local context. I'd like to comment briefly on my observations over the past few years when talking with people on evangelism. So much has been discussed in this field in the past ten years, a quick browse through the online Christian bookstore is evident of that. One of the dangers at this time and at any time is to grab onto the 'latest' or the 'popular' thoughts in this area. I'm all for keeping sharp and informed on the current conversations in this area, however the danger can be to throw out everything else at the expense of the new. I'd encourage churches and organisations at this time to have robust discussions regard this very large field, to consider the context they find themselves in and to collaborate with those you are working with to find broader, varied solutions rather than one narrow solution. Food for thought.